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stripes collection by mario lisi

I only photograph white lines ...

You who observe, what do you see instead?

It's me

less is more

In these images, the result of a personal research of mine, I deliberately removed part of the figure, leaving just a tiny part lit and visible.
This forces, or rather invites, the Observer to use few elements to recognise the shape and complete it with their imagination, giving everyone the opportunity to interpret it in a personal and unique way: in essence, to make it their own.

A photograph that can be interpreted as it never was and a personal relationship that binds the photographer to the Observer's interpretation.

I would like to know how each of you could complete my base input for each image, but this will remain your own exclusive emotion.

There have been more "difficult" images that I have yet to publish and that I struggled to interpret myself, but as soon as I succeeded the satisfaction was even greater; the Observer's interpretative skills will have to grow.

This collaboration between photographer and Observer is the key element of the entire collection.

the red sofa in the dark

shots or prints?

Unique pieces only

The value of the snapshot

The emotion shared by the Observer with the photographer is by its nature exclusive and thus must also be exclusively purchasable, just how it would be for a painting, which is "taken home" without anyone else having a copy.

The value is the click, the unique snapshot, that is ceded with a guarantee of origin and uniqueness.

The printed copy, seen on display, is a mere example and might not meet the buyer's requirements for size, frame, material, etc; as it cannot be sold anyway, it will be destroyed upon purchase of the click.

The value of the print

The emotion continues after having purchased the click (the snapshot); I will be able to suggest multiple print and/or fulfilment options with numerous variants that will further personalise the work according to the tastes and requirements of each buyer:
Size from minuscule to several metres
Plastic materials, aluminium, glass, textiles, etc.
Natural, coloured, moulded frames
The only limit is yours and my imagination
Let's build your "Unique Piece" together

It will of course be possible, every time you want, to print the artwork yourself using the file of the purchased click.


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